48 hours in Coimbra – Center of Portugal


48 hours in Coimbra – Center of Portugal

One of the most important cities in Portugal, Coimbra, beautifully embraced by the Mondego River, was once the capital of the Portuguese kingdom and continues to be a deeply fascinating city, owner of a glorious History, magnificent monuments and historical landmarks. The ancient University of Coimbra, classified as UNESCO World Heritage site, is a lighthouse of knowledge, as well as an enduring symbol of the Portuguese-speaking world.

This 48-hour tour focuses on the historical and cultural grandeur of Coimbra, a city that has always played a major political role along the centuries, especially the academic fights during the period of the dictatorship. Coimbra is a symbol of the fight for democracy, a place of enlightenment and quest for new horizons.

Coimbra truly has it all: one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the University of Coimbra; lavish gardens, such as the iconic Botanical Garden of the University of Coimbra or the romantic gardens of Quinta das Lágrimas, where the immortal love of King Dom Pedro and Inês de Castro took place; imposing monuments and churches; fascinating museums; historical cafés where some of Portugal’s most prestigious writers met to discuss the most challenging questions and the inescapable academic traditions that so evidently define city’s own identity.

There are also several charming boutique hotels, inviting restaurants, the one-of-a-kind Portugal dos Pequenitos, a theme park for kids that recreates Portugal in a miniature scale and so many other enchanting spots that tell endless stories.

Coimbra has that magical spell of an historical city with eyes on the future! This spell lasts forever.

From the Portuguese airports
? OPO Airport ➔ Coimbra – 132 km
? LIS Airport ➔ Coimbra – 197 km

From Spain
? Salamanca ➔ Coimbra – 316 km
? Ourense ➔ Coimbra – 330 km
? Vigo ➔ Coimbra – 269 km
? Valladolid ➔ Coimbra – 435 km
? Madrid ➔ Coimbra – 528 km


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